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Why would I change the size?

How else would get excited to see me again. For anyone that still uses this site.

"get up, get up, get up!" "want, want, want!"
Two things that I didnt do, and something that I should put into good priority. I have been stuck on the same position for almost a year. Nothing picking up, nothing getting better, nothing getting worse. Not being able to budget in the things that are most needed. Cancel the things that are weighing me down into this slump that "seems" to be too hard to crawl out of. But on a good note, I have never doubted myself, depressed myself, or......looked trashy? Shame starbucks job that I refuse to either leave or advance in. It started with me being lazy, and then I got a reputation around work. One of being a person not to really care about much. Just trying to get a pay check. But now that I want a bigger one it will be hard to achieve with this title around my shoulder. All and all it is most about want more money. Thus money making life more enjoyable. I have been at the same parent owned house. Briefly.....VERY briefly trying to pack up and start a new in pasadena.
Still ashamed of school....part the money situation because they probably would like the money that I owe them. But not caring, and thinking that at the time it wasnt important enough to take care of. Not being back to bite me in the ass it is much harder, and more important than ever to take care of. Thus making me feel that I would actually have to "get up". What will take it to get me up. "The embarrassment it not enough to drive you to better". This should be, and it will be. This month is money saved, this month is probably a sign for change. Again but that would "get up" thing. Especially now that I have to do this by myself... Also 22 years if age, I should be ok with this. :)
ha...alcohol soon will not be a requirement for the week.
Wow. I do need to move I need a healthy start. Im too dependent here.
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