F is for Jason (devil_of_punk) wrote,
F is for Jason

Living life on the D-List

To spark up a cigarette would be nice right now. This will be put on hold due to lack of income. So, if everything were to go according to plan. I would have had my job transfer in time. Then move at the date I should be. of course, it hasnt. I couldnt tell you what the hold up is. So, I have a week left at my home, and my another job is ready for me. Im pretty much going to pack, and live from house to house, until ready. I probably could stay home, and live here longer. But at what age do you become a burden to your parents? Probably once your 21, and just working... Not really wowing anyone. I wondered how do people get into financial troubles with there homes? Cant they always move back with their parents? Answer. No. Why should I have to be such a burden. Therefore, I decided to move out even if my job in pasadena isnt ready. If I continue to work out here, while jumping house to house to car. I should be fine. All the while applying at more places in Pasadena.
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